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Some of The Ideas to Make Great Unboxing Experience

Any e-commerce entrepreneur can always excite their customers with a very brilliant unboxing experience. It might be tempting to prefer to use same plain brown box or white bag and hope the product inside can be good enough to wow your customers. However, as a good businessman, you know even your best product can also benefit from any delightful presentation.

Here are few ideas and tips that can be used in the custom boxes to ensure an experience that can be memorable while unboxing the package.

  • Inside the box

Suppose you have got the custom mailer box ready, what will you like to put inside it? From confetti to tissue paper, rustic twine to branded stickers, there are many ways to create exciting unboxing experience, at the same time protecting your product inside too. You can use this chance to showcase your favorite brand colors, or position your product perfectly.

  • Dare to make it more personal

Your business can be very personal to you, hence no need to hide it, you try to show your customers that you are a real person, who is working really very hard to deliver your customer an amazing product. You may include any handwritten note by using any custom stationery or you can add a sign that gives certain personal touch.

  • Tell a story

You may also consider to take the opportunity to add any story about your brand on custom packaging. Include any postcard with any interesting origin story, also use certain style that can show your personality. You can also prefer to consider sharing your Facebook or any other social handles, so that you can encourage your recipient to join in a dialog online and ask them to share their impression about your brand.

  • Surprise & delight

Another surprise you can add for increasing the excitement of unboxing experience is by including certain giveaway or freebie. Nobody will dislike to receive any free gift. However, prefer not to add any bunch of stickers just because you think that really suits to promote your brand.

In the end, we can conclude that creating an amazing experience of unboxing is really not that tough. All that you have to do is just step in yourself in the shoe of your customer, and just imagine what will you love to get inside any mail if you happen to be the receiver of any goods.

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